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Rivers' Edge Countertops

Not only have we hit our goal of increasing the brand’s online presence but we’ve reframed their public perception, using the inbound methodology to develop a solid system for capturing and nurturing leads.


DLB Law Firm

Not only did we drive traffic to their website but we were able to create a solid social media following while strengthening public perception of the brand.


What are clients saying?


"Korey and his crew have helped us tremendously in our efforts to become more tech-savvy. We had almost no web presence when we started working with him and now 80% of our service work comes from people finding us online. We are very happy with the results."

Evan Dawson
Owner, Genesis Electric


"Korey and his team are first class! They pay attention to their customers and know how to make them successful. You don’t need to look any further if you need help with marketing."

Dr. Kevin Stewart
VP of Sales & Marketing, NextThought


"Let me tell you a story: My company benefited from a combination of a positive marketer, a smart business coach and my will that created an outstanding synergy! I feel like I was driving a slow economy vehicle and now I’m driving a sports car with a strong engine! You go figure!"

Ali Farzaneh
Founder & President, 1st Oklahoma Homes


"The professionalism, customer service, and the attention to detail to your business marketing needs are just a few things that make McMahon Marketing awesome! Korey and his staff are experts at getting you a great return on your marketing dollars."

Fernandos & Chandra Harrington Jr.
Harrington’s Commercial Services, LLC

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