We decided to make a deliberate shift in our marketing away from traditional advertising such as radio, TV and print to a digital platform — and we knew we needed assistance to make that happen. We knew a big part of the future of our company would depend on digital marketing and how we could respond to people in a method they desire.



WEOKIE Federal Credit Union, one of Oklahoma’s largest financial institutions, has been in business since 1969. Providing a range of financial products and services, WEOKIE helps members plan and build a secure financial future with lower loan rates, higher savings rates and fewer service fees.



Our mission for WEOKIE Federal Credit Union was to help their team move away from traditional advertising, using the inbound approach to generate and nurture leads on their website. Implementing a system to track visitors as they move through the buyer’s journey, we set a goal of obtaining 300 new leads.



When we first started working with WEOKIE Federal Credit Union, they already had a website and social media channels in place. With 2,146 Facebook Likes, 267 Twitter Followers, 354 Instagram Followers and 11 YouTube Subscribers, they were receiving strong engagement around giveaways but were having trouble generating website traffic and qualified leads.

Their site content covered the specific services and products they offered but didn’t confront the pain points and questions their customers were facing. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to implement inbound marketing.



We worked closely with WEOKIE’s in-house marketing team to develop, in-depth buyer personas. This process allowed us to develop quarterly strategies and content tailored to each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Next, we set up Google Analytics along with HubSpot’s CRM and content management platform to track marketing campaigns and lead forms. To grow WEOKIE’s contact database, we created ebooks and downloadable resources, using landing pages to obtain visitor’s contact information in exchange for the gated content.

To increase traffic to their website and boost their SEO rankings, we created and published SEO-optimized blogs on a consistent basis — promoting the content through social media and Facebook Ads. 

To nurture WEOKIE’s incoming leads, we produced promotional emails, weekly digests and stage-specific automated email workflows.



The First 6 Months

  • 650,000+ website visits

  • 6.08% visitor-to-contact conversion rate

  • Over 1,000 high-quality leads

In March, we were excited to announce that we not only surpassed our goal of 300 leads but tripled it!

In just eight months, WEOKIE Federal Credit Union experienced a boost of 650,000+ website visits. A couple dozen blogs were also published during this time, reaching 1,700+ views and 2,200+ digest subscribes. This added traffic helped them reach the first page of Google for credit unions.

The landing pages we created reached a conversion rate of 21.57% — resulting in over 1,000 new leads in eight months. 

During this time, over 500,000 emails were sent out with an over 20% open rate. Injecting the inbound methodology into WEOKIE’s marketing spurred a visitor-to-contact conversion rate of 6.08% which continues to rise.



Our experience working with WEOKIE Federal Credit Union has been great. Their marketing team was eager to dive into inbound marketing and our combined efforts really speak for themselves. 

Not only did we obtain over 1,000 new leads, but were able to establish a flywheel system that would keep generating and nurturing them over time. These efforts, in turn, created a seamless onboarding process for their sales team. An employee in their outbound call center shared, “It was probably the easiest, smoothest sale I’ve ever had.”

We’re so happy to have the opportunity to work with WEOKIE’s marketing team. We love producing results like these and look forward to unveiling their new growth-driven designed website soon!



“Before we began our relationship with McMahon, we had made the decision that our company needed to make changes and become more relevant in the digital world of inbound marketing — but the task seemed overwhelming.

Our decision to partner with McMahon has turned out to be the absolute right one. In less than 6 months, we have implemented new software and learned how to push social media content. 

McMahon Marketing brings enthusiasm to everything they do and always delivers content to our social media platforms. They’re truly an extension of WEOKIE and allow us to function on a larger scale than we ever would’ve been able to do with our in-house marketing. 

Our internal marketing team is able to focus on promotions and special projects while the McMahon team is busy making our digital inbound marketing shine. They have truly worked hard to learn our industry lingo, understand how our company operates and what things are important to us. We’re beyond pleased with our initial results.

If you’re looking to function on a grand scale with digital media, McMahon is your best solution. McMahon is creative, prepared and always helpful. The staff’s “can do” attitude is always refreshing and contagious.”

- Dawn Simon, Vice President of Marketing at WEOKIE Federal Credit Union

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