Universal Roof & Contracting is a family-owned business located in Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida with more than 50 years experience. The company provides inspections, repairs and replacements along with weather-related solutions like insulation, ventilation and water-proofing.



The goal for Universal Roof & Contracting was to increase website traffic, establish a tracking system and generate 1,000 new leads.



When we first started working with Universal Roof & Contracting, they had a strong brand reputation. They had a basic website in place, but no call-to-actions, forms, analytics or content management system to track their efforts. 

With 1,310 Facebook, 91 Twitter, 113 LinkedIn and 95 Google Plus followers, it was apparent that when people became customers, they were loyal to the brand. However, Universal Roof & Contracting was having troubles producing targeted content to engage new prospects.

Previously, their blogs were being created by an outsourcing company. So, though they were publishing regularly, the lack of quality was hindering their efforts. They also had struggled with their email marketing. They were combining their subscribers between two companies, so recipients were unaware how they got on the list.



First, we worked closely with the Universal Roofing & Contracting team to develop in-depth buyer personas. This allowed us to hone in on their most profitable customers and create a content plan tailored to their questions and struggles.

Next, we implemented growth-driven design elements to their website, implementing click-through graphics, call-to-action buttons and opt-in forms. To grow their contact base, we created a series of blogs, guides and other resources to entice website visitors to subscribe. From there, we nurtured these subscribers with weekly digests and promotional emails.

To really set the flywheel in motion, we increased their website traffic by publishing SEO-optimized blogs on a consistent basis and promoting new content through their social media channels.

To track their marketing efforts and determine lead scores, we set them up with HubSpot pro to support their sales team in converting leads into customers.


  • Website traffic increased by 3.25%

  • 42,088 new website visits

  • 1,413 new leads



By July 2017, we were excited to announce that we had surpassed our goal of generating 1,000 new leads. In just 5 months, Universal Roof & Contracting experienced a 3.25% increase in website traffic. 

We published 26 blogs that generated 1,679 views and 1,353 weekly digest subscribes. And, the landing pages we created received 1,709 page views with a conversion rate of 8.6%. This increased Universal Roof & Contracting’s lead volume and resulted in 1,143 new leads in 6 months.

During this time, 6,857 emails were sent out with 1,941 opens and a 3.89% click rate. These results paired with a flywheel tracking system allowed Universal Roof & Contracting’s sales team to solely focus on pre-qualified leads.



We had a wonderful experience working with Universal Roofing. Their team was eager to implement inbound marketing and we’re happy with the results we accomplished. Not only did we generate 1,000 new leads, but were able to content management and sales CRM systems to help them capture and nurture leads with momentum.

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