Starting a new job can be exciting and fun, but can also be a little frightening. I’ve always been comfortable with change. Change is constant in our daily lives and the pace of change appears to be getting faster and faster. This year, in particular, brought a lot of big changes for me.
Let me introduce myself. I’m Daniel Johnson, the newest member of the amazing McMahon Marketing. After 13 years in the oil and gas industry working for an amazing company, I found myself in the midst of a big change. I was laid off as a result of the industry's declining economic conditions. I decided to not let this get me down. Instead, I looked at all the positives that can and have already come from this. 

I’ll be honest, I was nervous about starting over with my career. Beginning the process of searching for a new job, knowing that so many others were doing the exact same thing, I still knew eventually I would land somewhere. So, here I am. I have landed with an amazing company with BIG dreams, ideas, and a team who knows how to work hard while celebrating each other's victories and success! I’m very excited to be working with an amazing and talented group of professionals who are eager to do big things.

So, if you're currently facing some type of change, remember these things and stay positive.

Personal Growth

You grow and learn new things every time something changes. You discover new insights about different aspects of your life. You also learn lessons even from the changes that didn't lead you to where you originally wanted.


Frequent changes make you easily adapt to new situations, new environments, and new people. As a result, you don’t freak out when something unexpectedly shifts.


We all have things in our lives we’d like to improve—finances, job, partner, house, etc. All of us know that nothing improves by itself. We need to do things differently in order to make that happen. Without change, there’d be no improvements.Life Values From time to time, changes make you re-evaluate your life and look at things from a different perspective. Depending on what the change is, it may also reinforce your life values.

The Snowball Effect

Often, we give up because we cannot accomplish a huge and immediate change. That is when small changes become extremely valuable. One shift at a time, small changes will eventually lead you to the desired big one.


Not all changes lead you to pleasant periods of life. Unfortunately, we do not live in a fairy tale and sad things happen too. Overcoming a tough period will make you stronger.


Changes trigger progress. Things move forward and develop because of them.


You never know what each change may bring. When you turn from your usual path there will be plenty of different opportunities waiting for you. Changes will bring new choices for happiness and fulfillment.

New Beginnings

Each change is a turning page. It's about closing one chapter and opening another one. Changes bring new beginnings and excitement to life.


Remember the movie, Stranger than Fiction? The main character, Harold Crick, does the same things exactly the same time for years. He leads a completely dull, extremely predictable and uninteresting life. That is how your life would be without changes. So, next time you get the temptation to avoid or resist change, aim to initiate the ones that will lead you to where you want to be.