We were thrilled to begin working with Northstar Properties Management back in 2014. When they came to us, they were looking for a clear and effective marketing direction to organize the various places they were spending their efforts. Their marketing tactics and budget seemed to be making little progress in achieving consistent branding and in increasing awareness to their properties.

After we reviewed their marketing strategies, we assessed the need for a more defined and consolidated social media presence, we encouraged strong engagement with customers, and advised on a variety of ways to update logos and branding for their property management company and apartment complexes.

Since then, we have been able to do some amazing work for their team that has included website, video, PR, social media, email marketing, design, and photography. Our most recent undertaking has been the total rebrand of their apartment complex- The Landing on 9. Formerly known as Port at the Trails, Northstar aimed to modernize the apartments with updated features and neutral tones to  create a contemporary atmosphere, and they needed branding to match.

This also allowed the opportunity to work with Northstar in other areas outside of design as well. In an effort to create awareness for the rebrand, we worked with the Norman Chamber of Commerce to perform a ribbon cutting ceremony. We invited local press and promoted the event through social media and email marketing. The new branding and signage was unveiled at the ribbon cutting and beautiful updated photography showcases the property on their website. Newly designed print collateral brings to life the experience to be expected from living at The Landing on 9 and provides a strong foundation for updating the remaining 12 properties with branding and design items.

Thank you Northstar for being amazing clients and allowing us to work on such great projects!

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