Working at a marketing agency is filled with excitement and energy. It seems that no two days are ever the same and you get to interact with a variety of clients on a daily basis. The industry alone is colorful and dynamic, but merely scratches the surface of what it's like working at McMahon Marketing. To help you better understand our company culture, we interviewed the team and composed a short list of some of the great things about working at McMahon Marketing… So #letsdothis!  

First of all, Boomer Sooner. 

The University of Oklahoma is literally across the street from our office. We’re able to take advantage of this close proximity by hosting game day parties in the fall while also promoting our amazing business. #freekoozies 

Hungry? Why Wait? 

Our office is located in the heart of Campus Corner, meaning we have dozens of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even happy hour. We don’t joke about food at McMahon. And occasionally, we consider ourselves connoisseurs of the local cuisine. 

Core Values

Our core values support the very foundation of all the work that we do. We're dedicated to putting our clients first while striving to be the best marketing agency around (and having fun in the process).


The team participates in a big volunteering activity each quarter. We also give regularly to non-profits. Giving back is a huge priority for us. We’re honored to be a part of such an amazing community, and thus, we enjoy helping out wherever we can. 

Conferences and Continued Education

We attend some pretty fantastic conferences and each member of our team also has a personal development plan. We host a variety of online trainings to share our secrets of generating massive results for our clients. At McMahon, we understand that it’s impossible to grow without learning. Our dedication to education sets us apart from other agencies and helps us become a better company.  

Free Snacks and Food

As we mentioned before, food is a priority here. Our office is LOADED with free food and snacks. Those who are dieting, proceed with caution…  

Party Planning Committee

If you love planning events, then the #PPC is your gig! We party a lot. Like, we're not kidding, maybe too often. Just don’t tell our moms we said that. 

Team Building

Our team is family, we challenge each other every day in producing creativity and pushing barriers. Jumping on the bandwagon and doing what everyone else is doing isn't our style. After all, how are we going to make history with cookie cutter marketing? We execute our team building through what we call “Crew Glue." We meet two times a week to discuss our clients and open the session with super quirky games to help us build stronger relationships.

Employee Benefits

We're a small company with growing benefits and we like to take care of our employees. Health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, cell phone reimbursement, gym membership, and a 401k plan are on our current list of benefits. But stay tuned, there are more to come!  


Norman Music Fest, Medieval Fair, you name it. There are tons of festivals within walking distance of our office. Since the rise of Netflix and other TV and movie streaming platforms, we’ve noticed many people like to stay indoors (including us sometimes). However, the fantastic activities in Norman keep us active and close-knit with the community. 

Epic Clients

Arguably, the best part of our gig as a marketing agency is our clients. They make coming in to work every morning an all-around pleasure, and the variety of industries makes each day different than the last. We'll be producing a creative video for an insurance agency one day, and then writing a witty email campaign for a fitness center the next (or probably in the same day, come to think about it). 

Employee Recognition

We love giving props to our amazing team. Working at McMahon, you may even win an award or having the cutest shoes in the office, being the best storyteller, or maybe for being the king or queen of puns.

Award Winning. 

Are you competitive? You had better be, because our team loves to win awards. This year already, we've been recognized for: 

• 2016 US Chamber of Commerce, Blue Ribbon Small Business of the Year award winner.

• 2016 Business Excellence Forum Awards Finalist, Best Overall Company

• 2016 Business Excellence Forum Awards Finalist, Best Marketing Campaign

• 2016 okcBIZ Best of Business Best Advertising Agency Finalist, Best PR Firm, Best Web Design Service. 

• 2016 Readers Choice Winner, Best Marketing Agency.

• 2016 Readers Choice Finalist, Best Social Media.

Unlimited Coffee

Say what? We could just end the blog right here, but we’ll keep going. We serve some of the best coffee in the world! Don’t believe us? Click here

Happy Hour

Each Friday the team takes time to wrap up and bond over Friday happy hour. We think it’s important to take an hour at the end of the week, talking about the events and work that took place. So when we decided on a happy hour, no one objected. 

Random Calisthenics

Our office is equipped with training mats to keep your game (and your abs) tight. 

Personal Space Heaters

Korey, our CEO was a professional snowboarder and has a tendency to keep the office a bit chilly. Therefore, each team member is given their own personal space heater to stay warm. We do our best work when we’re all comfortable, and the space heaters make that happen. 

Quality People

Coming to the agency should be fun every day. Do you have a coworker that’s getting on your nerves? We can take them out for you, we know people. All jokes aside, we have an amazing team who are dedicated to the business and producing amazing work for our clients. 

Fast-Paced and Driven

Did you enjoy your personal day yesterday? Well, you missed a lot! So buckle up, because we took three steps forward and no steps back. If you join our team, we hope you’re ready to hit the ground running. Our fast-paced environment keeps us on our toes and busy until 5 p.m.


In closing, McMahon Marketing is on its way to becoming the premiere employer in the state. We're actively working towards creating the best environment possible to foster this vision. We're constantly on the lookout for the talent that will help us generate massive results for our clients while also contributing to our company culture. If you're interested in applying for our team, send us your resume and links to your work!