The Business Excellence Forum is a global series of 2-day workshops designed to deliver the best, most effective and highest ROI business strategies to business owners and entrepreneurs, their teams, their clients and customers. I was fortunate to attend the North America conference that was hosted this week in Orlando, Florida. I had the opportunity to attend a series of seminars led by Brad Sugars, Sally Hogshead, Troy Hazard and Shawn Moon.

McMahon Marketing was honored at the Business Excellence Forum & Awards Gala on Feb. 22 at the Wyndham Orlando Resort for Best Marketing Campaign and Best Overall Company.

Today, I want to highlight a few of the insights I gathered from the conference. 


Less than 7% of people will ever own a business. Less than 4% of them will ever employee someone. 

This was one of the opening statements that reminded how brave our clients are. Our clients are the elite, they are the brave, and have beat many odds in creating successful businesses but also employing many people. They take the risks that very few do. It is truly inspiring to me what our clients do for the economy.

What is happening with our attention spans?

In communication and marketing, experts are saying our attention spans continue to become shorter. They are now saying you have 9 seconds to grab someone's attention! 9 Seconds! This is becoming a bigger challenge for business owners. Every time we communicate we either, ADD VALUE or we are taking up space. It’s better to AVOID putting yourself in front of someone than to waste their time with a weak communication. 

My new anthem: Pioneering Ideas and Implementing Action.

Keynote speaker, Sally Hogshead spoke about becoming more, becoming your best and how to fascinate others. She put us through her testing process and helped educate us on how to increase our effectiveness by focusing on how others are fascinated by your own personality type. When people are fascinated, their brain opens up. Their brain becomes receptive to possibilities, open to dreams and interesting ideas. Sally discovered that my personality type is the "Maverick Leader”. From this, I used my strengths and developed my fascination anthem: Pioneering Ideas and Implementing Action. 


Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 10.23.45 AM.png


This anthem represents who I am when I am at my best. I help others pioneer ideas, develop wild goals, and then help implement action to those ideas to help them achieve success.  I am really excited to take this anthem and apply it even more to our processes in helping our clients grow. 

The #BEFA2016 was an epic conference. I have over 20 pages of typed notes filled with great insights and actionable items that I will begin implementing right away. The conference helped my stretch my goals even further. 

If you are interested in attending the conference next year, the 2017 Business Excellence Forum will take place in Houston, Texas Feb. 19-21. I’d love to have you attend with me and learn from some of the greatest thought leaders around.


Now go do something great!

- Korey