This past Saturday saw the McMKT creative team mobbing over to the Chevy Bricktown Events Center for an evening of raucous fun at the 2016 ADDY Awards. Drinks were had, foods were eaten, nets were worked. It was an all around good time.

This was Amanda's first time submitting her work to be judged, and I'd like to congratulate her on taking home the silver! This girl works hard and has an incredible eye. If the ad club had an award for "Baddest B*tch Around Period" she'd take it home every year. Congrats, girl.

Ole Dane came out alright too, taking home a silver ADDY for the video Visit Norman: Sunrise to Sunset. It was a pretty big win for me, because I really stretched myself for that project. As some of you are aware, my roots are in graphic design. But when the opportunity arose to tell the story of my town in a 3-minute video, I knew I had to take it. The process was challenging, to put it lightly, but I can easily say - producing that video was the most fulfilling thing I've ever been paid to do. Then to have our hard work recognized by the advertising community was a nice fat cherry on top.

I want to thank the crew for the inspiration and support of which they are a constant source. I'm not even really sure where my comfort zone is anymore, but I'm pretty sure I spend most of my time outside of it. You guys are the reason I can do that without losing my mind. The going isn't always easy but we're getting better every day. 

- Dane

Shout out to Matt Montedoro and Aubrey Jernigan, who were instrumental members of the production team on our award-winning video, Visit Norman: Sunrise to Sunset.