Pictured left to right: Jelena Dukic, Kalie Fry, Amanda Krueger & Caroline Aur


Pictured left to right: Jelena Dukic, Kalie Fry, Amanda Krueger & Caroline Aur


About a year and a half ago, one of my close friends invited me to try a yoga class with her at a studio here in town. Until then, my only yoga experiences consisted of a few yoga videos at home – and even those were pretty few and far between.  “If you 'like' their page on Facebook, your first class is free,” she told me (a brilliant marketing strategy, by the way). So, I did. I tried that first class and thus began my love affair with yoga. I have gone consistently (almost obsessively) ever since. It has, without a doubt, changed my life in more ways than I can share in a timely manner.

 What I can share with you all now, however, is what I have come to appreciate the most from my time as a new and ever growing yogi. I not only feel stronger physically but mentally as well. With all of the pressure and stress that life can throw in our direction, it somehow seems to fade into last week, or yesterday, or two hours ago once I’m on my mat. I find that every time I leave a class, I’m proud of myself. I’m encouraged because I can hold a pose longer than I ever have before, I can stretch a little farther than I could last week, or I was able to step away from life a little longer and regain some valuable and much-needed perspective. 

That is why I am so thrilled at what has been happening at McMahon Marketing with some of my coworkers. Several of the ladies at work have begun to show an interest in yoga and have started coming with me. Whether my passion for yoga was a factor in their decision or whether their curiosity was sparked independently of me, I’m not sure. Either way, I love that for the past couple of weeks, our routine has been to bring a change of clothes and substitute 1-2 lunch hours a week for a yoga practice. 

I believe, especially with a small company like ours, that it is important to be able to connect with your team members on things outside of work as well. I can’t speak for the rest of the ladies, but for me, the time we spend over these lunches has become a time for us to bond, to better ourselves, and to learn more about how to encourage each other in a way - a new way - that we haven’t been able to do through our jobs.

So, to that, I say thank you, ladies! Now let’s go get those yoga booties!