As some of you know, the $1.5 Billion Powerball lottery is taking place today. It’s kind of a big deal, and really intimidating when you first think about it. We’re not talking a thousand dollars or even a million for that matter, but a billion! We don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t want to be the nervous banker handling all that dough… or would we? 

Our office likes to talk, call it collaboration if you will. When we started tossing around the possibility of winning the large sum, we came up with some responsible (and not so responsible) expenses. Check out what some our team members had to say, below!

Shopping spree, anyone?

“A billion? I’d give a lovely chunk to family and friends, and set some aside for traveling. Next, I’d pay off any debts that I have and set up a savings or trust for my future kiddos and grand kiddos. From there, I’d make an extremely generous donation to fund ALS research. We could build McMahon Marketing an amazing new office space (company jet included)! We also need to get that ball rolling on our McMahon reality show. After all, we’ve been talking about it for the last two years! Truthfully, I don’t even know if I can grasp how much a billion dollars really is; and if were to win, I would treat myself and loved ones, of course. But I would also give and keep giving. Imagine how much good you can do with that amount of money.”

- Caroline


“That’s a lot of money. If I were to win it, I’d fund whatever was needed in order to provide homes for all adoptable foster children! As for myself, I would love to travel with my family to the most amazing secluded beach in the world!”

- Megan


“First off, I’d pay off student loans and any debts held by my close family and friends. Next, I’d buy my mom and sister each a home. After that, I’d start my own charity organization. My first order of business? Combat homelessness! I’d then buy some politicians and make them vote to increase my taxes along with the rest of the country’s wealthiest citizens. I’d also lobby for prison reform and campaign to end the war on drugs. Hey, can we end world hunger while we’re at it? I know that it will create an overpopulation crisis quickly, but that’s why we’re colonizing Mars, right? Oh, I can’t forget! Everyone I work with will receive a big-a$$ bonus because they deserve it. Once we get that all figured out, I’ll go on a tour of Michelin Star restaurants. Duh.”

- Dane


“If I were to win, I’d keep traveling the world and basically be #foreveronvacation. I’d have houses around the globe so that everyone I know can stay there too. I would also give money to immediate family and my closest friends so they can retire and enjoy life. I would also start looking ahead and set aside some for future generations. Lastly, I’d donate, donate, donate. I’d like to help people in need, orphanages, the water issues Africa, the list goes on.”

- Jelena


“I’d go to a casino, walk up to the roulette table and bet it all on number six. That’s it.”

- Korey


“So not even a billion, but 1.5 billion?! That’s insane to even think about. Maybe I should go ahead and buy that lottery ticket… My brother is getting ready to graduate high school, so I would take care of his college expenses. I would also set up enough to where my parents could retire (whenever they’re ready to). Next, I’d purchase myself a small little home. I don’t need anything extravagant because I’d like to be traveling often, really digging into lifestyle writing! From there, give my coworkers an awesome bonus (each accompanied with a batch of cookies), set aside some funds for the future, make some investments, donate generously to non-profits."

- Kalie