Having our office located on campus corner certainly has a lot of perks. We get to choose from a plethora of delightful restaurants when the team starts to get hangry at lunchtime, we never have to look for a parking spot when we come up here after business hours and we have an unending number of internship applicants hailing from Gaylord’s pool of talented students (how is that for a segue, folks?).

Internships are such an incredible opportunity for students. They provide real world experience and allow that first look into a professional career. Agency life is much different than studying from a textbook and each company is so different from one another. The culture and the people can make the difference between an internship being an opportunity or a waste of time.

Luckily, I think McMahon Marketing has done a great job providing opportunities of actual, valuable and useful experience for the future endeavors of our interns. I remember when I was in school going through the same scary task of obtaining real world experience. One of my internships had me literally making coffee in the morning and answering phones throughout the day. I had some data entry tasks, but I wasn’t learning anything about agency life. I wasn’t being exposed to the clients or assignments in order to get a true glimpse of what to expect after graduation.

At McMahon Marketing, we do ask a lot from our interns. They meet our clients, attend our events, utilize our equipment and software, write content and edit images. They attend our team meetings where they are asked for input, suggestions and ideas.  While I know that we are giving them wonderful opportunities, they in turn, are helping our company grow and succeed. As a small company, McMahon Marketing has really come to rely on the assistance and knowledge of our intern’s ambitious personalities and fresh tech minds.

Since my position began at McMahon, we have always had at least one student intern assisting us on a number of projects throughout the year. The tough part about welcoming someone new each semester is that we have to say a sad goodbye to them too.

The sense of fulfillment; the light at the end of the tunnel; the cherry atop the ice cream-is that we always have former interns dropping by to say a quick hello or to grab a cup of coffee, tell us that they were accepted into a master’s program or that they just got their first full-time job! We love to see their success and can’t help but feel like a parent when their kid graduates from high school. Or like Megan when her kids finally stopped sucking their thumbs. Or like Korey when his little girl started eating solid foods.  Or like me when my cat stopped knocking over full glasses of water for no reason at all…ok so obviously I don’t have kids but I did rejoice when he finally passed through that stupid phase.

Also, kudos to me for working my cat into a blog post about internships. #highfive