Not every marketing challenge is the same. Sometimes it’s not about the expansion, but rather the direction. Our strategy with Sooner Carpet Cleaning focused on brand awareness and community recognition. Doing this, we were able to help them market themselves to larger corporate entities with more profitable projects. 

As an established business, Sooner Carpet didn’t require a great deal of branding. They were missing one thing though; exposure. So we created an extensive collection of print ads for local newspapers and magazines, along with customer and commercial brochures. We then conducted team head shots along with photo shoots featuring their company trucks and on-site work. We decided to take it a step further, we designed business cards featuring individual team members. Our goal for their brand was to encourage the development of community relationships. We thought this personalized form of recognition was a great way to strengthen initial trust between customer and employee.

One of our crown jewel products to this day was the design of their 20-year business anniversary. It featured a branded badge which was utilized in print collateral, social graphics, magnets, and car graphics — many of which are still being used by customers to this day!

With an increase in brand awareness came a call for a stronger social media presence. As their web traffic shows a steady increase, their social engagement has grown in correlation. In July 2013-July 2015 efforts alone, there has been 797 interactions by 671 unique users. These likes, shares, comments that have all been created by different people, highlights outstanding reach this brand has created. Their overall impressions count during this time period was 43.9k and is continually growing.

Community has always been a big influence on Sooner Carpet’s brand. As they have partnered with businesses such as Sooner Theatre, we have been at their side providing content that is both relevant and informative. We’re proud of the transition Sooner Carpet has made with their brand both volume and in size of projects, and look forward to helping them continue to improve their marketing processes.