Before you market yourself, you must craft a strong identity. For Northstar Properties, we did just that. Our goal was to promote not just a name, but a visual brand experience. 

Northstar Properties came to us with an interesting challenge. They had a vision of where they wanted to go but needed to reposition themselves in the market to get there. Cue McMahon Marketing. With forces combined, we redesigned their logo and website. To create unity in their branding, we provided them with various print collateral including business cards, stationary, and promotional standing banners now located in their properties.

Marketing property is much different than selling a product. Our agency recognized this and modified the direction in which to better reach Northstar’s audience; visually showcasing the lifestyles of these properties. We completed everything from professional team head shots to property photo shoots for Kickingbird Apartments, Kickingbird Hills, Cascades at Southern Hills, and Coventry Park. We then proceeded to create a stunning video feature highlighting two of Normans premiere communities, Savannah Square and Savannah Harbor. Including these visual strategies has shown a substantial increase in website traffic. 2,892 to 9,224 between October 2014 and July 2015!

As their website was rapidly gaining exposure, we began implementing engagement strategies on their social media platforms. Some of our most renowned content during that time was driven by visual imagery. Their February 2015 Giveaway featuring our designed graphics reached 6,156 people with 233 interactions and 310 post clicks. We continued these efforts into the Spring and hit another great jump in May with 7,720 reach, 38 interactions, and 107 post clicks. These trends are showing not only an improvement in social media engagement, but a hefty increase in website traffic. This directly influenced their SEO, bringing them up higher in keyword search.

The team at Northstar Properties is unlike any other. Their diversity, integrity, and resident-driven commitment has quickly become recognized on both local and national levels. We’veenjoyed not only working with them, but telling their story.