Summer is here! It’s time to be grateful for the end of our season of torrential downpour (you didn’t know Oklahoma was known for weeks of consecutive thunderstorm and flash flood warnings, did you? Yeah, neither did we.), and appreciate that warm weather is finally here. That is unless you office at McMahon Marketing, where you have to dress for sub zero temperatures all year round…


Anyway, with the beautiful weather we have coming up, I plan to take full advantage! And since it’s pretty well known around the office that I am an intense list maker, I decided I would share with you my list of this summer’s must-dos.


  1. Floating the river: I make this a top priority every summer! Getting a crew together to spend a few days camping, floating and grilling is one of my all time favorite summer outings. 
  2. Drive-In movies: I don’t make it to the drive-in too often but they usually have a couple of great throwbacks totally worth making the drive to see.
  3. Lots of yoga (indoor & outdoor): Norman has a great selection of studios from which to choose. Since I tend to have a better workout when I’m in a class setting but want to spend as much time outside as I can, I plan to attend some Yoga in the Park sessions out at Lions Park. 
  4. Dinners on the grill: I am determined to become a master griller! I’m planning a lot of grilled salmon and eggplant days. If I’m being completely honest, there will be a few (more than a few) hot dog days as well. If you have any grill suggestions, please share!
  5. Reading List: This is more of a year round must-do. However, my buying books to reading books ratio is a little off. Meaning, my little home library has several books whose bindings have yet to be creased. I’m hoping to shorten that list this summer. I’m a huge fan of book suggestions so feel free to offer the title of your favorite read!
  6. Wine & Whiskey tastings: Do I even need to say more? Luckily there are several restaurants in town that offer tastings for $30 or less. Add your favorite people and patio and you have the perfect summer evening.
  7. Trying my hand at gardening: I think I missed my window for planting veggies, but I’m working on starting a small garden of potted plants. 
  8. Summer Breeze Concert Series: During the warm weather months, the Norman Arts Council puts on a free concert at Lions Park every other Sunday. Gather up some of your friends, throw some wine into a water bottle and find a picnic blanket or some lawn chairs and you are all set to enjoy a beautiful summer evening in the park. #Yourewelcome
  9. Lounging by the pool: I plan to spend a significant amount of my weekend days lying by the pool with friends and a good book. Make sure that if this is on your list (why wouldn’t it be?), you are wearing sunscreen! 


What is on your list of summer must-dos? Share your favorite activity and maybe the McMahon team can help participate!