It has been one year since my last day after spending 14 years with my previous company. I truly cannot believe a year has passed by. It was a year ago that my husband and I told our parents we may be moving out of state (home of the University of Texas of all places!). It's crazy how in a moment you could be changing your life pretty considerably, not to mention breaking the hearts of grandparents. While I am so grateful for all of the experiences, learning opportunities, challenges and successes, that I enjoyed with my previous career, my husband and I know the decision we made to stay here, and not relocate, has been a great one. One of us was going to be starting a new career and I have to say, I am thankful that it was me.

This past year I have become part of a fantastic team, I have met a lot of people, learned so much, grown to love my community and state even more through all of the great businesses and business owners we get to work with, and had a lot of fun. I've also been in more videos, taken more selfies and danced more during work in the last year than I have done in my entire professional career!  Thank you McMahon Marketing Team for the last year, I am excited for what lies ahead!


- Megan