Give your time, talent and treasure.


At McMahon Marketing we have nine core values that are posted publicly in our main lobby area. We strive to uphold these values on a daily basis to guide our business vision. These core values also push us in our personal lives surfacing within our leadership, attitudes, and  relationships.

The core value I want to highlight today is Community Focused. “We don’t hesitate to give back to our local community. We believe in sharing our time, talent and treasure to aid in growing our community.” 

God has given all of us gifts. Each of us has unique talents and abilities. Most of us are not dynamic preachers or wealthy philanthropists, but our contribution is just as important. When I think of utilizing talents, a clock comes to mind. Every gear, large or small has the opportunity to create impact. The keyword is opportunity, what will you do with yours?

Every quarter, the McMahon Marketing team organizes a community volunteering activity. Not only is the right thing to do, but it strengthens our team in so many ways. We get to spend time together outside of the office, learning about each other more in depth. All the while, getting to take part in some of the amazing organizations in our community. 

Recently, the team spent time volunteering at Second Chance Animal Sanctuary. Second Chance Animal Sanctuary has been working to help homeless dogs and cats find their way into safe, permanent and loving homes in and around Central OK. What I did not know is that Second Chance is a no-kill shelter. Receiving no city, state or federal funds, the heartbeat of the shelter runs on it’s donations and volunteers. They house nearly 100 dogs and cats, while finding homes for over 600 animals annually. Pretty amazing, right?

While volunteering, we had many laughs. I personally thought changing the water for the dogs was going to be a quick easy task. I quickly learned after opening the gate to the first dog kennel that these dogs were eager to go for a run around the property. About 10 minutes later, sweating from running around trying to catch this cute black lab puppy, I realized I needed backup help for the rest of the dogs. 

I really enjoyed getting to spend time with the team and learning about this great community non-profit organization. I encourage others to get spend a few hours volunteering and taking a tour of the facility. Better yet, go there and adopt a cat or dog!

For more information about Second Chance Animal Sanctuary, visit their website at

Now enjoy some photos from the day.