“What was your biggest take away from Living the Dream 2015?”

This was the question posed to me after our less than ten man team achieved one of our biggest accomplishments to date. Other than the momentous amounts of joy and pride I felt at the end of that day, I would have to say my biggest take away would be seeing so many awesome female speakers. As a woman in a primarily male dominated career field (web design and development), it is always so reassuring to see powerful women in their element. 

These women were so confident and well-spoken. Even though their presentations may not have been geared toward female empowerment, the determination and dedication each one of them put towards getting to where they are today was extremely inspiring. It was an excellent reminder for me to take time and be proud of what I have done within my own career. 

What really stuck with me from these amazing women: Don’t make excuses, work hard, and stay true to yourself!