A few days after I joined the McMahon Marketing team, my boss Korey sat me down and asked me what I hoped to get out of my new position. We talked extensively about my job description and the skills I possessed that made me a valuable addition to the team, as well as the company’s goals over the next six months. We discussed what items he felt were extremely important to accomplish in order for McMahon Marketing to continue to grow as a productive and efficient company and how I could compliment and assist with those goals.

Through this conversation, the idea of a full-day, multi-speaker, business conference was born and I was tasked with getting the ball rolling. The fact that Korey was giving me the reigns to make this happen was an incredibly exciting, and slightly daunting feeling. While many of the small details were my responsibility, the entire team had a lot to accomplish and worked exceptionally hard to make this conference a success. 

It has been amazing to hear the positive and constructive feedback from our vendors, speakers and guests. As a team-I feel pretty confident speaking for them here-we could not be more proud of the way everything came together. During our last meeting prior to the event, Korey prepared us to expect some bumps along the way and know that things may go wrong, but to tackle each issue as it comes.  After all, this was our first conference and there would surely be things we hadn’t planned for or considered. 

My biggest take-away from Living the Dream comes from more of a behind-the-scenes perspective. As predicted, our team did experience some difficulties throughout the day. What I found so amazing was that no one outside of our team was actually aware of when we felt frazzled. I think it says so much about our team and demonstrates how well we all work together. McMahon Marketing does great work, because we have great people working hard together.  

While I wasn’t able to listen in on all of our incredible speakers, I was able to hear little sound bites of what a positive company culture can do to motivate and empower your business, and I am confident that McMahon Marketing will only continue to cultivate a this kind of work environment throughout 2015.

* Thank you to everyone that attended our event! We are so grateful to have shared the day with you and hopefully you were able to walk out with some takeaways of your own. Happy growing in 2015!