Having worked for Corporate America for fourteen years, I had the great opportunity every year to participate in conferences that focused on the year ahead. There was time to reflect on where we had been and map out where we were going. Most every January I found myself in Chicago for our National meeting and then at our local meeting in February. I absolutely did not miss having to go to January this year; it was single digit temperatures the time I would have been there! Missing the learning opportunity, however, is something I was sad to miss this year.

This is why I was so excited to be a part of the team that not only wanted to be the party of a conference but to host its own conference! Right here in our own community!

It's been three weeks since the event and I cannot be more proud of our team and the results of our efforts. Living the Dream 2015 was a fun day with great energy and great company. From the speakers, the vendors, and the participants the entire day was truly enjoyable. I love our Norman community and I look forward to continuing to contribute a meaningful and effective event to the community for years to come!