We all have dreams.

Some of us even get to live them. And here at McMKT headquarters, we all live the dream. Not only that. Every day we get to help other people in our community live their dreams too.

Sounds fulfilling.

But what does that even mean? Just how does one "Live the Dream" anyway?

The thing about dreams is... they're fleeting. There they are. And then they're gone. You wake up, grasping at the fading memory, wondering where it all went.

Then, one day, you shake off the fog to find it wasn’t a dream at all.  Those distant recollections are the events of your life. Your successes. Your failures. It’s all there.

But where were you?

Head down, crusading from one achievement to the next. Checking off tasks on a never-ending list. Running down some long hallway, whizzing by its many doors in your focused quest to reach the end.

Living the Dream doesn't happen suddenly. It's not a winning lottery ticket. Or a viral video that propels you to web stardom. It's not even an event put on by McMahon Marketing (okay, maybe it is that).

To me, Living the Dream is state of mind. 

It's the ability to slow down, take stock of what's around you, and fill yourself up with it. It's about having the awareness to distinguish between living life and simply moving through it.

At McMahon Marketing, we love what we do.

It shows in our work. It shows in our customer service. But most importantly, it shows in our faces. It shows in the silly videos we make. It shows in our gif-splattered internal correspondence threads.

Don’t get me wrong. We love getting results for our clients. And they love the results we get. But there are a lot of great marketing services and creative agencies that can produce impressive numbers. That’s not what sets us apart. Time and again, our clients tell us…

It’s the experience.

There’s an energy in our office that, if you’re caught sleepwalking, will knock you right off your your feet (then, of course, help you up, dust you off and offer you a drink).

We do business a certain way. The same way we live our lives.

Wide awake.