This is a story of a woman who has worked in the marketing field for a very long time and was feeling a little burned out and just downright tired and beaten up. 

An opportunity presented itself to me that made me feel there is hope out there in the marketing world! I started working with a new company made up of the most amazing people at McMahon Marketing. I had forgotten that you can enjoy coming to work and you can learn so many new things every day! I'm blown away by the amazing talents of each person on this team. Each employee brings a different level of expertise to the organization and so many fresh new ideas. They work hard but have a good time while doing it!

It's so refreshing to be back with a team that challenges me and makes me want to do better for our clients and really improve results for their business. I feel blessed to be living and working in a community that I love and working on projects that will continue to make it a great place. 

Bottom line, if your feeling like your work life is being sucked dry by your current job. There is hope, my friend! Go out and find your own new beginning, we should all love what we do. Like is short -make it count and make it fun! 


- Ladonna