One of my most prestigious clients of over four years, McMahon Marketing fired me — he said he did not know me. To me, this prompted the need for a face-to-face meeting. Not via satellite, Skype call or through other virtual platforms, but the old fashioned way; shaking hands with a real person, sharing a beer, to truly interact with someone you’re intending to grow with.

It was a daunting task preparing for the 13,000-mile journey, but then, that’s business. No pain, no gain. With my business partner at my side, we prepared ourselves to scale the mountain and leave for the United States. After traveling across the world for 10 days, we finally reached our prime destination of Norman, Oklahoma. Whenever we discussed with other clients our upcoming visit to Oklahoma, the most common reaction was, “Why there? Are there any businesses in Norman?”

Little did we know, the day we landed we were blown away by American hospitality and its mascot, Mr. Korey McMahon. He received us at the airport, which was such a sweet and noble gesture. He gave us a tour of the city and then gave us a ride to our hotel. We proceeded to check in and make ourselves comfortable in our new surroundings. The relationship initially didn’t spark that of a client-vendor, rather it appeared we were meeting a long lost friend across the globe. His simplicity, humor and friendliness blew us away.

For the next five days, we discussed business and ideas to reach that next level. Korey was gracious enough to let us use his personal office space of McMahon Marketing. In this setting, we had the opportunity to interact with the team. It was a great experience and we collaborated on a number of fronts; designing, development and removing the kinks of outsources in favor for unity. 

Korey invited us over to his house for a dinner with his family. It was so heat-warming to see such a lovely family, which made us miss our own back home. We got to see these pillars or energy sources, from where Korey draws his boundless enthusiasm; transforming McMahon Marketing into the “Greatest Marketing Agency in the World.”

You don’t think we’ve forgotten to share the fun part, do you? We went shopping and had a swiping spree with our cards in the Apple store! We couldn’t leave without our new watches and iPhones.

We can easily sum up our amazing journey with McMahon Marketing as “Relationships equal added value,” and as Korey would conclude, “Living the Dream.”