This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside the team of McMahon Marketing in Norman, Oklahoma. I was able to collaborate with them and learn the hidden gems that contribute to business’ growth. When I first arrived, I quickly learned that this was a group of very creative brains without fear of big ideas.

Some soft spoken and others extremely outgoing, it was a surprise to me how well this team was able to mesh both their personalities and areas of industry experience. During their brainstorming sessions, there was instant energy. It was interesting to see firsthand how their dynamics worked in sync with each other contributing to their clients’ success. Without fear of ideas appearing “too crazy,” they were able to create any branding solution in correlation with a client’s product or service.

During my time here I learned the importance of positivity, clarity and vision. Without these qualities, any business will fail. This team demonstrated their ability to consistently adapt their efforts, focus and drive long-lasting results. I also had the chance to immerse myself in fields newer to me: social media marketing, design and video production. The phrase that I would use to describe their business would be a one-stop solution for branding and marketing.

The last and one of the most impressionable lessons I gained, was the effect of relationships on a company’s growth. It truly is the boosting dose. “Marketing is nothing but generating and growing relationships, and by all means,” Korey McMahon shared.

Creating a network by different means and utilizing diverse brainstorming practices, all lead to the best solutions. As this slowly unfolded to reveal a much bigger picture, I realized that not only have I been collaborating in business, but I’ve become a part of a much greater success — global relations.


- Jigar Patel


Professional Exchange Programe: Oct-Nov-15