There are so many reasons to love Norman. Many who live here and move here know this, but as a young and local business, I especially love our proximity and relationship with the University of Oklahoma. Norman bursts with this youthful life and high energy, just like our team at McMahon Marketing. 

As an employer, we look forward to offering students an internship opportunity with McMahon Marketing each semester.  It is vital to us that we give students real world experience by working with our clients and team. While the students truly get an amazing experience, I feel our company, clients, and team enjoy it just as much, if not more, than the student.  

While we are stoked that it’s a new year and 2015 is already off to a rocking start, today is the saddest day of the year thus far. Our current intern, coffee connoisseur, word slayer and butt kicker, Matt Woods (@matopher), is completing his internship with McMahon Marketing. Matt has been an incredible asset (understatement) to our team, and today I have asked the team to share their favorite memory of Matt or what they will miss most about having Matt around the office.


There is one thing you should know if you are going to intern with McMahon Marketing, and that is that your internship with us will not be just a time filler. You will be immersed in the agency life and a lot will be asked of you. I would think this would be a pretty intimidating thought for a young sophomore or junior gaining their first bits of real world experience, but I'm pretty sure this only excited Matt. He was a huge asset in planning our Living the Dream 2015 conference. I swear, if he had not been here to assist, I would have had a couple heart attacks by now. So not only is he literally (pronounced LITRALLY) a life saver, he is one of the most ambitious and proactive students I have ever met. I can't tell you how much he made me reflect on my academic career and the kind of student I was (ahem...wasn't); I have to say, he sets the bar pretty high (I'm starting to feel sorry for our future interns...but not you Drake, you got this!). 

As far as my favorite memory of Matt, it would have to be when he came into the office one afternoon carrying two moving boxes full of all his coffee paraphernalia . He began unloading what looked to me like a chemistry set including, but not limited to, several different bags of fresh coffee beans, a scale, a manual coffee grinder, an electronic coffee grinder, a french press, and a percolator! If I wasn't impressed with Matt before, I certainly was then. Please don't leave, Matt! I can't go back to the standard coffee maker and Folgers! 


I am at a loss for words, which is saying A LOT for a girl who can talk for hours (jk, I will probably write a ton). I love having interns because there is always something that we can learn from them, which is what many businesses overlook over time; interns are not just a coffee slave and they deserve so much more than to be beverage runners for your lazy bum #sorrynotsorry.  Matt has been more than an intern…he’s kind of an angel mixed with a saint mixed with a wizard. A wizaingel. Duh. In all seriousness, Matt’s work ethic is incomparable. Anybody who doesn’t hire Matt when he finishes school is truly going to regret it. My favorite thing about Matt is his ability to take on any task assigned to him, without complaint. We truly demanded a lot from Matt over the last semester and he has risen above every project ever given to him. His energy and vibrance is extremely inspiring and he has taught me a ton of things. Whether it is some app that my old ears haven’t caught onto yet or teaching me about a French Press, Matt has become a part of the McMahon family, without a doubt. It will definitely be a struggle to work without him in the office. Time to cry. Fly away, sweet sweet wizaingel. You’re going to be so successful!


One word that resonates with me when I think of Matt is FEARLESS. He never hesitates on any task, project, or assignment. He is all about the experience and has such enthusiasm. He is also crazy smart; there isn't anything he couldn’t do or figure out. Oh, one more thing, the dude rocks the bow ties like nobody’s business.


 What am I going to miss most about Matt Woods' presence in the office? That's a tough question, one that would require detailed graphs and tables of data to answer properly, but here's my answer in it's simplest most condensed form:

When Matt's around, sh*t just gets done. This is a small agency, and we all wear a lot of hats. High expectations are placed on our staff, and it's no different for the interns. We are blessed with a staggering number of highly qualified applicants each semester, so there's a lot of pressure on the one or two who land the gig. Matt shirked that pressure like a pro and showcased some of the most impressive problem solving abilities I've ever seen.

The fear of failure is a well-documented stifling force. One that for all his knowledge and research, Matt knows nothing about. 

Or if he does, he's also the best actor in the office (sorry Jen). Safe travels Matt. We'll miss you.


Matt has been more than helpful to have around the office. He is the ultimate multitasker and Jack, or should I say Matt, of all trades. Need someone to build you a website in under 24 hours? Want to go viral on all social media platforms? Craving the ultimate cup of coffee? Matt is your man. Thank you for all that you’ve done. We all appreciate you so much. I truly wish you the best on all your future endeavors. Although, I am more than certain you won’t be needing it. Fare thee well Matt Woods. Live long and prosper. 


Matt has been an amazing asset to the team. Anytime I have given him a project, he runs with it and goes above and beyond. Matt probably wrote 15 keynote presentations for me this year. I would give him very little information to work with and he would research, write and assemble all of my presentations. In addition, Matt has been the biggest influence in making our biggest event ever, Living the Dream 2015 (#ltd15), a reality. Matt’s exemplary work ethic, ability to get things done, and ‘can do’ attitude, have motivated me to request/demand that Matt drops out of college immediately and work for us full-time. Now, I have only asked him this around 1,000 times, so I’m not entirely sure why he hasn’t said yes yet. Hello, I basically have the offer dangling on a string in front of him every time he walks in. I have offered him a variety of things such as: a new car, paying off all his debts and even $1 million dollars. His answer is always no and that his parents would not allow him to drop out…as if young people should listen to their parents. Hmph. So today Matt, I make the biggest and final offer to have you drop out of college and work with our team full time immediately. This offer is not negotiable because we are kidnapping you. If you ever try to leave our office, we will find you. To combat these innocent threats, we offer all the coffee varieties you could ever want, splotchy WiFi, free snacks, your own desk (pending) and socks. You’re welcome. See you on Monday.