Over the last few days I've been attempting to crash course myself through relearning Javascript. I've always been infatuated with the design and philosophy behind video games and their capacity to shed light on new forms of thought. Every time I roll back into its sweet embrace I wonder to myself why none of my math teachers ever thought to teach us programming… I mean, other than the fact that they probably had no clue how.

I hated math classes in high school and college. They were the worst. That is, until I took Physics. Once I had something to apply math to - a real-world example - it was smooth as all get out. I was even able to begin understanding the basics of trigonometry because I could think back to a small Flash game I was attempting to slam together at home then realize how the concept could be rolled into my project. The second someone gave me a good reason to care, I turned on.

In his grand omniscience, Bill Gates is making a push to get more people coding in collaboration with http://code.org/ and the Hour of Code movement. Movement? Maybe we can call it that. I started playing around with it on my phone last week (sometime around my birthday, I'M 26 NOW). It reminded me of a programming class I took where we used similar "block" methods of coding, which is essentially a visual form of function libraries (if I understand the concept correctly). It was fun for a minute, but now I'm using the Khan Academy's free coding courses. Their instructors are EXCELLENT at what they do (teach) and the system is actually a lot of fun - especially if you can remind yourself of why you're there spending hours staring at a screen.

If you decide to get into coding, lemme know! Let's make something cool together! Also, I made a gif for you guys...