I can’t believe the results we’re seeing from these marketing efforts. I’d give McMahon 6 stars out of five if it were an option — simply the best.
— Ryan Soejoto, CEO of Ameri-Kal



Ameri-Kal is an FDA, GMP-compliant supplement manufacturing facility based in Oklahoma City. Ameri-Kal partners with other manufacturers and private label supplement companies to supply bulk capsules, tablets and bottled products. 



Our goal for Ameri-Kal was bridging the gap between their marketing and sales, increasing website lead generation by 10% in one year.



When we first started working with Ameri-Kal, they had a weak online presence. They had a basic website in place, but no blogging, call-to-actions or analytics to track their efforts. 

With only 41 Facebook and 7 LinkedIn followers, they were having troubles generating traffic and gaining ground in search.

From a sales perspective, Ameri-Kal was having troubles obtaining the right kind of leads from their website. And with no lead-nurturing emails, workflows or follow-ups, they were having troubles staying in the minds of their audience.

This was a perfect opportunity to inject some inbound marketing.



First, we worked closely with Ameri-Kal’s team to develop three, in-depth buyer personas. This allowed us to strategize and develop quarterly content plans based on their three most profitable customers and each stage of their buyer’s journey. 

Next, we implemented growth-driven design to Ameri-Kal’s homepage, reworking the copy and implementing call-to-actions.

To grow their contact database, we created stage-specific ebooks and content offers — using landing pages as gatekeepers to obtain visitors’ contact information in exchange for the content. To nurture these new leads, we produced promotional emails, weekly digests and lead flows.

To increase traffic to Ameri-Kal’s website and boost their rankings in Google, we created and published SEO-optimized blogs on a consistent basis — promoting the content through social media and Facebook ads. 

And to ensure no leads were slipping through the cracks, we set up a CRM to support Ameri-Kal’s sales teams in converting leads into paying customers.



January 2017 to October 2017

  • Increased website traffic by 10+% and monthly lead volume by 15+%

  • 5,600+ website visits and visitor-to-contact conversion rate of 2+%

  • 55 keywords in the top 50 organic search positions (first 5 pages of Google)

By October, we were ecstatic to announce we had surpassed our goal of increasing Ameri-Kal’s leads by 10%. 

In just ten months, Ameri-Kal experienced a 10.13% increase in website traffic with over 5,660 unique website visitors. 27 blogs were published with 667 views and 88 weekly digest subscribes. 

This traffic improved their SEO rankings, dominating 55 keywords in the top 50 organic search positions (first five pages) of Google.

The landing pages we created received 1,454 page views with a conversion rate of 4.75%. This increased Ameri-Kal’s monthly lead volume by 15.6%, resulting in 574 new leads in ten months. 

During this time 1,057 emails were sent with 401 opens. Creating this flywheel system of inbound marketing spurred a visitor-to-contact conversion rate of 2.18% that continues to rise today.

“In the past, I’ve worked with marketing teams, website developers and graphic designers that were simply going through the motions and completely uninterested in my business and aspirations as a business owner. McMahon Marketing is on a completely different level,” shared Ryan Soejoto, CEO of Ameri-Kal.

“The time spent getting to know my industry, goals and worries as a business owner and the investment to connect personally with me and my team is priceless. McMahon has an infectious enthusiasm for what they do. It sent the tone for my team to collaborate in an energetic and positive environment to grow our business.”



We’ve had a wonderful experience working with Ameri-Kal. Their team was eager to take the plunge in inbound marketing and the stats really speak for themselves. 

Not only did we increase their lead generation by 15.5%, but we were able to implement a flywheel system for capturing and nursing leads that gains momentum over time. 

We’re thrilled with the results we’ve seen so far and look forward to Ameri-Kal’s continued success moving forward.

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